​Residential Storage

Residential StorageWhen your home is filled with valuables new and old, your home can only hold so many things. If there are too many objects in one room it can cause clutter and make it a needle in a haystack situation to find something. We offer the best short and long term storage services.

When it comes to long term storage, you may want to consider getting climate control storage units. With our new climate controlled units, your valuables are sure to protected from the elements and possible corrosion. If you are storing wood furniture or other wooden objects, the temperature control in our self storage units will prevent them from damage that can occur during extreme weather conditions. In addition, if you are storing leather-made objects or clothing, climate control can prevent yellowing and other degradation caused by heat and cold weather. We offer the best storage services in the area!

If you don't feel you need the extra protection of climate control units, our non climate control storage are a great option to store your belongings. If you are in need of residential storage, call Ammex Mini Storage in Houston, TX today for more information.


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